Brainstorming science blogging ideas

In a rather amusing twist of fate, the week after I announced my return to the blog after over a month off, I suddenly had an unprecedented rush of new test prep students. Basically, school starts sometime this week or next week for most high school students, and a bunch of students decided to scramble to sign up for ACT or SAT prep courses JUST before school started, and apparently I was a popular pick. I was grateful for the work–I made more last week than I’ve made in a week in a long time–but it got a little crazy there for  a minute, because new students require extra prep work, phone calls to parents, and schedule wrangling.

But this week and next, I’m back down to less-than-full-time hours. The end-of-summer rush of online tutoring signups is over, but school in my area doesn’t start for another two weeks, so for the moment I have a little extra space to breathe.

The last two days have been particularly intense, so I’m not promising there will be anything particular new and exciting up today… right now my brain needs a bit of a break. Teaching 8+ hours a day (mostly in back-to-back sessions) is mentally pretty draining, even if I can do it at my computer in my pajamas. But I am planning to post here [properly] this week, and I also have other writing plans: the science blog is getting started now, damnit.

I figured I’d kick the whole thing off with some 101-style posts on subjects that I know a decent amount about but also may be of general public interest. In that category I was thinking of writing about:

  • cancer biology
  • GMOs
  • basic microbiology/infectious disease biology
  • how science is funded in the US (and how badly our current fucked up politics is damaging that system)

…but that’s just my initial thoughts. In the long run, I plan to do more specific stories and not just broad overviews, but I figured intro posts would be a good place to start.

All that said, do you have any suggestions, either for other basic bio things I should cover, or for questions I should definitely make sure I answer in overviews of the topics mentioned above? Let me know… I could use some food for thought.

6 thoughts on “Brainstorming science blogging ideas

  1. I love science blogs, though I think there’s a big call for one that can answer questions that non-science people have– last week at work, it was what the coriolis effect is and, more important, does it affect toilets… and also “there’s more than 1 galaxy??” and also, “How can a toenail problem AND mushrooms both be funguses?”

    Obviously I have a strange office… haha. 😀

    Be sure to rest up your brain to keep it sparkly and wonderful! 🙂

    1. Hehe, that’s an amusing assortment of questions. The fungi question could be in interesting way in to a post on phylogeny though.

  2. Keely, since you have a personal interest in and connection to mental health issues, it would be great to get a scientific overview of that area. If you could cover what the latest research says about biological causes for depression and anxiety as well as the efficacy of the current medications for these conditions I think it could benefit many of your readers.

    1. That sounds like a great idea. Obviously I’m re-inventing the wheel by doing 101s on these things… other people have done it before and done it well… but it’s both practice and an opportunity to hit the literature and blogs and round up the best resources to give people.

  3. I’ve recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I’ve also heard that GMOs could be involved in the increase in this diagnosis. If this is an area you know something about I’d be interested in a blog post on the topic.

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