End of an era

Hello again.

I’ve been avoiding posting here, and I wasn’t quite sure why.

Well, I knew part of the reason: I’m busy as hell, and exhausted a lot of the time, and only can spend so many hours a day on a computer.

But there have been times I could have written. Enough. I just didn’t feel sure of myself. Couldn’t figure out what my next post was, despite the dozens of pages of notes in my notebook. Instead I’d get on my site and futz with themes and settings, and burn up all my spare computer-ing time without writing a word.

Last night, laying in bed before falling asleep, I figured it out: I’m just done here.

Now, no one freak out: I’m not done writing. But I do feel that the space I have made here doesn’t feel quite right anymore.

I feel so much distance between myself and the person I was when I started writing here. I also no longer feel a need for the same sort of place–a blog where I can collect all my scattered thoughts on anything and everything and slowly sort things out in my head, a workshop where I can practice any kind of writing I’d like.

I would still love to be able to write about so many things–about science, about social justice, about teaching, about random fun things I find on the internet–but frankly, for now I’m okay with those posts being less-formal things that I put out on facebook/tumblr.

But if I am going to find time to have a personal blog in the midst of my very busy life these days, I want the project to be a little more focused. I’m still plotting what that will look like, exactly, but I can tell you now that it is going to focus on the learning/personal growth/mental health/productivity stuff that has always been the center I have kept returning to on this blog. I’ll still do link roundups [and hopefully with more regularity?], so you’ll still get a smattering of things related to my other random interests now and then, and the blog will still be pretty personal.

I’ll let you know about my new blog as soon as its ready (or perhaps slightly before–some of you might be up for clicking around it and giving me feedback, maybe?). My hope is that I will have it launched within the next few weeks, but with how busy I am with my job, that may be unrealistic of me.

In the meantime, if you’d like to keep up with me in general, you can follow me on tumblr or follow my personal page on facebook–take your pick of your preferred site, what I share on each is pretty much the same.

Thank you all for sticking with me for this long, through the long silences and scattered topics and unfinished projects. Please know that I’m starting this new thing for myself–I know that I could transition this blog to whatever and many of you would come along for the ride. It’s me that feels the need for a fresh start, a blank canvas.

With Love,


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