here’s to 2015.

Hello everyone! Happy 2015!

It’s been awhile since I checked in–I was planning on taking a bit of a break around the holidays anyhow, and then I was sick for a bit and got super lazy. But it’s back to work time for us all, and I’m mostly back to health [still having issues with my neck/arm/shoulder pain problem, but I have dictation software to write with when I need a rest, and I’m seeing a doctor next week], so I figured now would be a good time to get things rolling again.

So first off, updates on where I’m at with work things…

The writing job I was super excited about is almost certainly happening–I came to an informal agreement with the company before Christmas, and now I’m just waiting on them to get me an official contract I can sign. I’m also off to a great start tutoring and developing curricula for a tutoring company I’m working with, and I’ve got a few miscellaneous other projects [including a bit of science writing!] in the wings. All-in-all, I’m off to a decent start, and it looks like I’ll be able to pay my bills doing this at the very least. So… hurray!

So with that said, what does that mean for me, and this blog, going forward?

Now, part of me has been tempted to back-burner this blog for the time being. After all, I have so much writing to do, and a number of the things that I’ll be spending my time thinking about… I’ll be writing about for other people. So do I really have time for this?

But here’s the thing: the whole reason I made this big, scary move in the first place was to bring my life closer to what I want it to look like. I had framed that, generally, as “spending as much time as possible doing things that make me feel accomplished/satisfied/joyful/loved/etc”. And if that’s really my goal… well, writing personal ramblings, and keeping this blog, is one of those things.

I do have a limited number of hours in the day though, and I do need to earn a living. I also need to minimize the amount of things that are stressing me out if I want to keep doing this Big Scary Thing without losing my mind over it. So this fun thing that I do, writing here? It needs to be something that brings me more positive things than it does stress.

So my plan for now is to hold myself to posting once a week, but allow those posts be whatever. If I have the time and energy to put together a very polished piece that I’ve been thinking about and planning for awhile, complete with pictures and such, then I’ll do that. But if I don’t find that time before a week since my last post is up, I will at the very least sit down and brain-dump about whatever is most on my mind, as coherently as I can.

Because of where I am at the moment, I expect that I’ll mostly be writing here about how I [try to] get things done–both in terms of logistics (to-do lists and habit tracking apps and all that jazz) and in terms of wrestling with my own brain, which are not exactly separate topics, after all. I might get back to doing link posts [of the most intriguing things on the internet recently] one of these days, but for the time being, if you want to follow the crazy assortment of science- and social justice- and mental health- and politics- related things I read and share with my friends on a daily basis [plus the occasional silly thing], you’ll have to check out my tumblr.* [because that shit is easy to automate. IFTTT and I are the best of friends, you guys.] If you want random life updates and rat photos, there’s instagram. And I’ll definitely be letting you know here once I have stuff up elsewhere that is publicly accessible, just in case you’re interested.

And that, my friends, is about it for now. Not nearly as shiny and inspirational I had planned for my new year’s post, but I’m sure you’ll get that from me sometime soon.

Wishing you all a brilliant 2015!


*how do you all feel about tumblr? If you’d prefer facebook , I could start sharing links on the little dose facebook page, but I don’t want to bombard everyone with randomness they don’t want.  Let me know?

2 thoughts on “here’s to 2015.

  1. I would love it if you started doing your “this week on the internet” posts again! I personally find tumblr to be too frenetic and stressful with the multiple posts a day. I would much rather see a curated list of the 5-10 most interesting things you read over the week. Or the occasional FB post with some links. Something that doesn’t involve flooding my feedreader with a zillion posts.

    1. That’s helpful to know. And i understand finding tumblr frustrating… I largely use it as a public archive of things i share on facebook, since searching for old facebook posts is such a nightmare.

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