old journal entry: inappropriate anger

The following is an actual journal entry I wrote in the paper journal I kept for a time during graduate school, which I recently found in a box in my closet. Emphasis is maintained from the original, with italics replacing the word I underlined:

It took me years to learn how to get angry for the big things. Harsh words, broken promises, false beliefs that warped my worldview. It took me years to stand up and say I deserve better. Years to say “I’m so angry that you didn’t treat me better.”

But dear God, the rage I can summon at the perfect stranger who eats his lunch at work while standing in front of the microwave.

Like, dude, this is not your kitchen, other people need to use that thing behind you, go SIT AT A TABLE like a PERSON.

Clearly, I need to work on spending my emotional energy more wisely.

Heh. Anyhow, I was amused.

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