semi-productive procrastination

I knew that this evening I wasn’t going to be getting home until after 8pm (had yoga after work), and that by the time I’d eaten dinner and played with the rats, it would be late and I would be getting tired. I knew that I was going to have maybe an hour of productive writing time in me, and whatever post was going to happen today had to happen in that time period.

During yoga, I had an inconveniently timed Exciting Post Idea, which I quickly realized was actually more like a series of posts. And even just the first one alone was probably going to take more thought/mental energy than I could muster this evening. But I was excited about the idea, so I spent the precious writing-planning time on my commute making notes about those posts.

When I got home, after feeding myself and the rats, I did sit my butt down at the computer. But instead of getting right to work, I let myself get distracted by a hiccup in the integration between two web apps I was trying to use (did the initial draft for this post at, was attempting to import my notes from evernote). Nevermind that it took two seconds to just open evernote and copy-paste my notes over–no no, I wanted to be all fancy and make it work the OFFICIAL way. *eyeroll*

This then led me further down the rabbit hole of doing blog-related things, but not actually writing–poking around the wordpress backend, researching tools to make graphics for future posts, etc.

And then I found myself at almost midnight, yawning and rubbing my eyes and wondering how I was going to put together a post before sleeping.

On the bright side, I seem to have accidentally demonstrated one of the ideas I’m going to write about in that post series–Shiny Productivity Tools and goal-setting/task-managing in general can be awesome, but they can also be sneaky ways to procrastinate.

All in all, though it’s a bummer that I don’t have something more interesting to post this evening, I’m pleased to have some post ideas banked. I’m less thrilled with the two hours that got lost to “research” that may or may not turn out to be useful, but oh well.

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