3 thoughts on “Super stressed, super ill and not-so-super Supervisors

    1. Thank you for the post! I’m sure it just felt like ranting in a way, but I was serious about what I said when I reblogged it… I think you really got across the damage that a poor advisor/poor relationship with your advisor can do to even a strong, motivated student like yourself. And I think that shit is damaging and a waste and an outrage, and we need to yell about it, because academia is throwing away good minds because of this kind of bullshit.

      1. I’m glad you spotted a purpose amidst my ranting. That it feels uncomfortable to hear myself be called a strong, motivated student, because as my brain likes to point out, clearly I’m not, is another sign of how bad things are.

        So yes, we do need to yell about it because no one who can do anything about it is fucking listening, and it is a waste, and a tragedy, that people like us are leaving science and not through our own, non-coerced choice.

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