on productivity, motivation, goal-setting, and how to be [more] awesome

I started developing self-improvement programs for myself back in middle school.

Back then, my goals were mostly school related, and I got into a habit of going into a self-improvement frenzy at the beginning of every school term. THIS quarter/semester was going to be the best ever, because I was finally going to be super organized, start all of my long term projects long before they were due, and so on. I would obsess over setting up my new notebooks and binders, complete with careful labels and color coding. I’d go through my planner and write in all the due dates and exam dates we’d been given.

Invariably, I would finish all of this organization work and find myself restless. I had all this energy right this second–I wanted to put it towards making the term amazing.

Also invariably, by a few weeks into the term, my detailed plans would be beginning to unravel, just a little. I’d write down the homework assignment, but in my class notebook instead of my planner, and then I’d bring the wrong notebook home. I’d forget to write things down altogether. I’d shove papers into textbooks or random folders instead of into the right section of the right binder.

I still managed to get what I needed to done the vast majority of the time. So at the end of the term, I’d have a lot of empty planner pages and messy binders, but I’d also have my A’s.

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