worst blogger ever.

I’ve actually completely lost track of how many blogs/journals I’ve started in my roughly one decade on the internet.

There was livejournal, which was the closest I came to posting regularly (something I kept up for sometimes a few weeks at a time, huzzah!), but that was private and silly. There was Xanga, a short lived high school fad (for me, anyhow). There were probably half a dozen blogger blogs, and I even had my own domain and hosting for awhile, but I gave it up as I posted too little to justify the expense.

And in all that time, I’ve never lived up to my own expectations. Because I’m tired. Because writing stresses me out sometimes. Because venues like livejournal build in community but make me feel like I’m just talking to people already in my own circle, while independent blogs feel like I’m shouting into a void full of spammers, and neither is the experience I was looking for. Because who the fuck am I to write a blog anyways? Why in the fuck would anyone give a damn?

Well? I don’t know, frankly, but whatever. I’m awesome, and I read awesome stuff on the internet and at work, and I have awesome thoughts about it and I feel like putting them somewhere, damn it!

…yea, that’s about all the confidence I can muster.

But what the hell. Here goes nothing.

P.S. If you feel like helping me out, maybe comment and say hello? Or suggest something for me to post about? I promise I won’t always be so needy. πŸ˜›

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